About Xamsa

Xamsa is a new brand in South Africa and relatively new overall established 2014 in Montrial Canada.

There are two main ideas behind Xamsa Squash:
1. To offer ‘advanced’ products at ‘intermediate’ prices We neither plan to make profit nor do we have an expensive business structure to support. We have a simple model in mind: By squash players for squash players. All we want is to cover basic operational expenses and pass the savings on to squash players. As such, our prices reflect the minimal cost of bringing products to market.

2. To support grassroots squash movements There are many aspects of squash that we want to spend our energy on and we will constantly be in touch with supporters to see what we can do to promote squash on a local level. We want to see squash grow at an international level, and would love to do anything to help such a cause.

Xamsa rackets:
• Xamsa rackets are manufactured at reputable factories using high quality carbon fiber.
• Rackets are manufactured in small batches of 200-300pcs to ensure accuracy and consistency.
• You are guaranteed to receive the rackets with accurate specifications as advertised. We put aside the racquets that don’t meet the criteria.
• When we say that a particular model has a full weight with strings of 155 g +-5 g and 365 mm +-5 mm balance, we mean it. And what is even more important is that you can buy the same model 6 months later and it will have exactly the same specifications ensuring that you have almost identical rackets in your bag
• We use terminology everyone understands. We openly say which materials and technology are used in the manufacturing process. We respect our fellow squash players and will always be open and straightforward with you. If you have any questions or concerns, just ask.
• Xamsa rackets are made by squash players for squash players like yourselves. We are passionate squash players and we wanted to create racquets that would be good for club level players like ourselves and yourselves. Before making it to the market, every model is thoroughly tested by many club players of different levels. We take notes and make adjustments to stiffness, weight and balance until the majority of players are happy with the results.

• We realize that this is something intangible that is impossible to measure but please take our word for it. We are a co-op run by squash fanatics.
• We give 100% of our soul and heart and we sincerely share our passion with you. Inevitably, you should feel the love for squash in every Xamsa racquet